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2024 Window Trends

Window designs have shifted throughout the years, transforming living spaces to meet modern aesthetics and energy efficiency standards. This year, the ever-changing landscape of window designs brings about new and innovative solutions that enhance the functionality of your space.

Below, we’ll briefly delve into the intentional designs of 2024 that offer sustainability, comfort, and tradition. From specialty-shaped designs to awning windows, let’s take a closer look at what 2024 offers.

Custom Geometric WindowsTwo-story home with large arched picture window in second story.

Often called specialty-shaped windows, geometric windows bring a unique aesthetic to any space. These windows come in standard and custom geometric shapes, including half-circles, triangles, trapezoids, circles, and other designs.

Homeowners can customize the size and shape of their windows, providing endless arrangement possibilities to express their style.

Why choose custom geometric windows?

  • Unique aesthetic and architectural versatility
  • Enhanced natural light with strategic placement
  • Individual style expression with personalization
  • Customization of materials

Awning Windows

Homeowners looking to boost air circulation can turn to awning windows. With the ability to be opened to 45 degrees from a top sash, awning windows can be used during rain or shine.

This modern twist on the traditional window allows users to pair it with shutters to evoke a sense of tradition or complement a more contemporary style.

Awning windows offer:

  • Contemporary and sleek appearance
  • Weather protection against light rain while open
  • Improved ventilation that promotes enhanced airflow

Casement Windows

Two-story home with tan shingle siding and sets of white casement windows.

Are you looking for charm, functionality, and efficiency in your window selection? Casement windows might be the right choice in 2024. They bring a classic and charming aesthetic to your home that enhances its overall appeal but also provides unobstructed views and enhanced energy efficiency.

With low maintenance and versatility in placement, this practical solution is the perfect choice for a serene environment.

Here are some key advantages of this style:

  • Expansive and unobstructed views
  • A timeless elegance that stands the test of time
  • Energy efficiency

Single- & Double-Hung Windows

Large brick two-story home with many double-hung windows with grids. Large mowed front lawn.

Single- and double-hung windows continue to be an excellent option for residential spaces, so don’t count them out this year. The timeless appeal makes these windows a reliable choice that seamlessly blends into any home design.

Properly installed single- and double-hung windows add classic charm to your home, prevent drafts, and contribute to better energy efficiency.

Experience these benefits of single- and double-hung window options:

  • A contemporary look
  • Increased air circulation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Budget-friendly choices

Slider Windows

Characterized by horizontal sliding panels, slider windows are popular for their clean lines, versatility in design, and efficient space utilization. They provide practicality and sophistication, whether used individually or in combination with other window styles.

Choose slider windows for:

  • Adaptable placement
  • Durability
  • Space efficiency

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