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Are Skylight Windows Worth It?

Skylights have always been appreciated for their natural sunlight and ventilation, but today’s products have new features. They can be solar-powered, remote-operated, and installed with reflective tunnels.

Whether you choose a cutting-edge electric skylight or a manually operated single-pane window, your installation will introduce natural lighting to dark hallways and rooms while adding architectural interest to your property. 

Skylight Window Benefits

Two large, open skylights in a bedroom.

When you think of skylights, you probably think of the architectural benefits of extra light, but these products offer more than mere beauty.

They can reduce eye strain, improve the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and even improve your circadian rhythms. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits. 

Better Health

The human body thrives in natural light. The more you expose yourself to nature’s rhythms, the healthier you’ll be. People who aren’t exposed to sunlight tend to experience more fatigue, irritability, and concentration problems.


Skylights are the perfect way to resolve these symptoms in rooms that can’t accommodate traditional windows. Natural lighting also encourages the body to produce melatonin, an important hormone that regulates sleep cycles. A skylight could improve your insomnia and give you a more restful, regulated sleep cycle. 

Fewer Headaches & More Productivity

Skylights support your task lighting, helping you see more clearly and reducing eye strain. They might even improve your headaches by limiting your exposure to flickering fluorescents and blue light. 

Improve Ambiance

A new skylight will liven up your décor and lighten the ambiance in your home. Natural light opens up cramped rooms and makes small spaces appear larger.


Like any aesthetic improvement, it can also increase your property’s resale value. Skylights are versatile features that adapt to any architectural style without reducing privacy.

Cheaper Running Costs

Skylights increase your solar gain, helping your HVAC system warm your home without using as much electricity. They admit three times more light than a traditional window, so they’ll reduce your reliance on electric lighting. This will further reduce your utility bills.


Skylights save an average of $13 per month, but you can push those savings up with tubular designs. These cutting-edge products rely on reflectors or diffusing lenses to maximize heat gain while minimizing evening heat loss.

Many states offer tax incentives for these installations. The “solar electric property” tax credit provides a 30% benefit on your installation and materials. 

More Ventilation

Not all skylights are fixed. Some can be opened manually, while others rely on a motor and remote control. The industry has even introduced automated products that open and close based on sensors and your local weather report.

They’ll improve your ventilation, generate airflow, and help your AC achieve the set temperature faster. Heat rises, so your skylight is the perfect way to release smoke, moisture, and cooking odors. 

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