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How to Secure Casement Windows

If you’re considering replacing your old windows with something more efficient, energy savings can’t be your only priority. You also need to consider home security. When burglars work out a home’s weak spot, the windows tend to draw the most attention. By installing and securing casement windows, you can make your home safer than ever.

What Makes Casement Windows So Secure?

Choosing casements for your window upgrade offers great peace of mind. After all, casements are some of the best window operating styles for home security. They pivot outward with hinges located on one side and can only operate by turning a crank built into the windowsill.

Because casement windows close and lock flush with the frame, there’s no way for an intruder to manipulate the window from the outside. The hook-shaped arm on a standard casement window lock is embedded in the frame, making it virtually tamper proof. Unlike sliding and double-hung windows, no additional hardware is needed to make your casement window secure in standard situations.

How to Maximize Casement Window Security

Simply closing and locking your casement windows provides an excellent deterrent to burglars, but you may still wish to implement additional safety measures. Follow these tips to secure casement windows against unauthorized entry.

Make sure the windows close properly

Casement windows should close flush with the frame. Improper installation, paint buildup, frame swelling, and other factors could prevent your casement windows from closing properly. If the sash protrudes out further than the frame, an intruder could attempt to pry it open with a crowbar. Check the exterior of your home when all your windows are shut to ensure they close flush with the frame for adequate security.

Install an auxiliary lock

Burglars tend to target windows that are hidden from view. If any of your casement windows aren’t visible from the street or a neighbor’s house, you may want to install an auxiliary lock in addition to the standard lock. A wide range of aftermarket locks are available to make your home that much harder to break into.

Choose casement windows with impact glass

Traditionally installed to prevent windows from breaking in a hurricane, impact glass is also an excellent thief deterrent. A plastic interlayer makes impact glass perform much like a car windshield, cracking in a spider web pattern on impact, but not actually shattering. Unlike regular windows, impact glass withstands bricks, hammer blows, and just about anything else a burglar could throw at it.

Install a security system

Electronic security measures come in many forms. Magnetic switch sensors and glass break detectors are popular, but a more secure option is a glass break shock sensor. Instead of being triggered only after the window has been successfully opened or broken, shock sensors are tripped by vibrations.

A sensor is attached directly to the window, so if the glass is tampered with in any way, the alarm will sound. As an added benefit, any thieves that approach the window will clearly see the shock sensor. This is usually enough to deter an attempted robbery in the first place.

Upgrade to Casement Windows in MD, DC & VA

Criminals always look for homes with an easy entry point. With properly secured casement windows, your home becomes an unlikely target.

Quality Window & Door supplies and installs high-performance casement windows from many of today’s top manufacturers. For help choosing the right casement windows for your Maryland, DC, or Virginia home, please call Quality Window & Door. We also invite you to visit one of our local Maryland or Virginia showrooms to see casement windows in action.

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