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What Are The Most Energy Efficient Windows?

The most energy efficient windows on the market today are going to be windows that incorporate a variety of energy efficient features. Window material, spacers, glass, and glazing can all impact the efficiency of a window, but the most energy efficient windows will incorporate all of these components into one package.

The most energy efficient windows will typically be fiberglass windows with two or three panes of gas separated by energy efficient spacers, insulating gas, and low-E glass. With these materials and features combined there are many benefits:

  • Fiberglass Frames – fiberglass frames do not transfer heat very easily. In fact, they expand and contract approximately 800x less than vinyl windows in extreme heat or cold, leaving your windows with a more snug fit year round and decreasing the amount of air escape and infiltration.
  • Energy Efficient Spacers – spacers separate the glass from the window frame. These are typically made of metal, which conducts heat very easily, but newer, more efficient spacers reduce the conduction of warm and cold air to your window.
  • Multiple Glass Panes – Having two or three panes of glass with insulating gas between each layer can significantly decrease the amount of heat transfer into and out of your home.
  • Low-E Glass – Low-E glass reflects the sun’s heat and UV radiation. This keeps your home cooler and keeps the furnishings in your home from being damaged by the sun.

When you purchase energy efficient windows, it is also important to keep in mind that the energy efficiency of a window is impacted not only by the components, but also by the quality of the installation company. Even the most energy efficient windows can disappoint if they are installed poorly. If there are gaps and cracks around your windows, the energy saving options discussed above will be nearly completely negated.

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Who Makes the Most Energy Efficient Windows

Many window manufacturers claim to make the most energy efficient windows. Instead of qualifying exactly which window manufacturers are the most efficient, it is better to simply judge each window on its own rather than the company as a whole.


When buying replacement windows, be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR label. Check to make sure the windows you’re purchasing meet ENERGY STAR specifications for your specific climate zone.

Energy Efficient Windows in MD, DC, & Northern Virginia

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