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Double Pane Windows

Do you need to replace your windows? If your monthly bills have been increasing and you want to maximize the energy efficiency of your home, you should consider double pane windows! They offer a number of advantages over regular single-pane windows and can help you save money every year.

What Are Double-Pane Windows?

First things first – let’s start with what double-pane windows are. They look the same as single-pane windows but they are a little different. Double-pane windows, also called dual-pane windows, have a small space (usually about half an inch wide) in between two panes of glass with air or a noble gas such as argon or krypton. Nowadays, more double-pane windows feature low-E (low emissivity) glass, which reflects energy and helps keep your home more energy-efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Double-Pane Windows?

In addition to being among the most energy-efficient windows available, dual-pane windows offer a number of other advantages as well. They:

  • Reduce outside noises (especially important for homes in cities or high-traffic areas!)
  • Provide more UV protection
  • Are easier to clean

Double-pane windows are better insulated than single-pane windows – this is probably their biggest benefit. The fact that they are better at stopping heat transfer (and air infiltration) and providing better soundproofing for your home makes them appealing to a wide variety of homeowners.

Other window factors will contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your home, namely the frame and spacer. The frame of the window can be any type of material – wood, vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass. Some materials, such as wood, vinyl and fiberglass are more energy-efficient. The spacer holds the panes and provides the airtight seal between them. The best material for the spacer is vinyl or another form of plastic because it doesn’t conduct heat as well as aluminum and other materials and can better prevent condensation.

Your best bet for truly energy-efficient windows that can save you money annually? Double-pane windows with a vinyl spacer and a gas like argon in between the panes (though any kind of double-pane window is beneficial!). You also have the choice of triple-pane windows, which offer even higher energy efficiency!

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