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What Are Bay Windows?

If you’re looking for new home windows or energy efficient windows for your new commercial building, bay windows could be the perfect solution! They are not only beautiful but can add curb appeal to your home as well. Call Quality Window & Door to learn more about our bay window services in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.

What is a Bay Window?

Typically, bay windows are picture (or fixed) windows with two or more operating windows on either side, called flanker windows. The flanker windows are installed at 30, 45 or 90 degree angles, and the whole structure is projected out from the exterior of your home, forming a recess on the inside.

This interior recess serves multiple purposes – it really depends on your preferences! It can be used for anything, from a cushioned window seat or banquette seating to showcasing your favorite plants, china or decorations.

Benefits of Bay Windows

Bay windows offer a number of benefits, in terms of both appearance and functionality. These benefits include:

Natural light: bay windows provide a lot of natural light and can make any room appear larger. If your kitchen is dark and gloomy, a bay window is the perfect way to brighten the space!

Great views – bay windows are the best type of windows to choose if you want a great view of your yard. Any kind of view can be enhanced with a bay window!

Efficiency – if you want to maximize your space without building an addition, installing a bay window is a viable option. The interior indentation we mentioned before is extremely handy, perfect for a comfortable window seat or displaying your favorite potted plant.

Increased value – without a doubt, bay windows can increase the curb appeal and value of any home, no matter the size or style!

Unique beauty – if you want to install a bay window purely for aesthetic purposes, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners opt for bay windows to add beauty and a unique sense of style to their homes.

Good ventilation – if you prefer letting a nice breeze into your home on summer days, vented bay windows (casement, double hung, etc.) provide superior ventilation!

Versatility – bay windows offer high versatility not only in terms of the interior recess but also in the fact that they can be installed in all kinds of homes, from Victorian to modern, as well as any room – kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms…you name it!

Our Selection of Bay Windows

Quality Window & Door offers windows from only the best manufacturers in the industry, including:

  • Weather Shield
  • Parrett
  • Visions
  • And more!

Contact our experts to learn more about our bay windows in Maryland and how we can help you choose the best windows for your home or commercial building. Next in the What Are…Window & Door Series blog – skylights!

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