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Everyone wants to live in a safe, secure home, but every building shares the same Achilles’ heel: windows. However, with security shutters, you can transform the windows from one of your home’s security weaknesses to its greatest strength.

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What Are Security Shutters?

When you picture shutters, wooden exterior home accents might come to mind. While these types of shutters are acceptable for protecting your windows from hailstorms and Jimmy’s home run, they aren’t effective at deterring burglars.

What you need are security shutters. These roll down tightly over the exterior of your windows, acting as a physical barrier to make the glass completely inaccessible. Not only are security shutters difficult to break through and impossible to open from the outside, but their imposing appearance makes potential thieves think twice before approaching your home.

Additional Benefits of Security Shutters

Security shutters are a viable option for protecting your home from burglars when you’re away or preventing broken glass during a hurricane, but you can use them daily for these additional benefits:

  • Block solar heat gain and UV rays: When the sun shines directly through your windows, your air conditioner must work harder to cool your home, and your furniture becomes faded by UV rays. You can prevent both problems by rolling down the security shutters when the sun gets low in the sky.
  • Create an extra insulating barrier: Some types of security shutters are designed for energy efficiency with a layer of foam inside. This helps keep heat out during the summer and in during the winter to lower your energy bills year round.
  • Increase sound insulation: If you want to drown out noisy traffic, construction work, or the neighborhood kids, security shutters are incredibly beneficial. As previously mentioned, some versions feature foam insulation, which blocks the transfer of sound as well as heat.
  • Employ shutter automation: To maximize the performance of your security shutters, consider choosing an automated version. This allows you to open and close the shutters from a Smartphone app based on different activities or times of day. This provides an added security benefit since you can check the status of your shutters while you’re away from home.

See Security Shutters in Action at Our Showroom

The Quality Window & Door showrooms located in Maryland and Northern Virginia are vast display areas where you can see our window, door, and shutter products in action. If you’re interested in installing security shutters, we invite you to visit us today. We’ll answer your questions and provide expert advice regarding which window security products will serve you best.

Why Choose Quality Window & Door for Security Shutters?

We are proud to serve the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas with unparalleled knowledge of the products we carry. We strive to educate our customers to help them make the best investment possible.

Our educational sales approach differs drastically from other window contractors in the area, but we simply don’t believe high-pressure sales tactics are ethical. Choose us, and we’ll encourage you to compare the benefits of different brands without pushing any particular manufacturer or product.

In the end, we believe the more you know about security shutters, the more likely you are to purchase this home security upgrade from Quality Window & Door. Our selection is second to none, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

To learn more about our selection of security shutters, please stop by one of our local showrooms, or contact us today at 800-370-8751 to speak with one of our shutter installation experts!

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