Pocket Doors

Quality Window & Door Installs Pocket Doors throughout DC, MD & VA

Pocket doors have been growing in popularity throughout the DC area—and we can understand why. Most often found in new contemporary homes, but even added to traditional styles as well, pocket doors allow homeowners to close off rooms without using up the space a traditional swinging door would.

Pocket doors are ideal for tight spaces, especially smaller bathrooms off of hallways. Instead of taking up the space for a full swinging door, the door slides into the wall and allows for privacy if you need it or an open walkway if you don’t.

If you’re interested in learning more about installing pocket doors in your new construction home in DC, MD, or VA, contact the experts at Quality Window & Door! We will walk you through available options, including brands, sizing, colors, and finishes. Call us today at 800-370-8751!


Choosing a Pocket Door

Pocket doors use a ceiling track, floor track, or both, to keep them gliding smoothly open and shut. When tucked in the wall, you’ll barely notice it there, but when closed, pocket doors can be beautiful and give a luxurious feel to both rooms. Some homeowners choose a wood finish to complement the paint and aesthetics of their space. Others may choose a pocket door with glass—giving a feeling of separation without completely shutting out a room. Hardware on your pocket door, including the pulls, locks, and mounting and can be customized.

Choosing Quality Window & Door

For over 20 years, Quality Window & Door has worked closely with architects, building owners, general contractors, homeowners, and property management companies to select the best doors at the best value. Our team keeps up with rising trends in the market, such as pocket doors, to ensure that every project is completed beyond the homeowner’s satisfaction. Contact us today and tell us about your project!

If you’re located in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia, give us a call today to learn about installing a pocket door in your new construction home or property.

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