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Lift and Slide Doors in MD, DC & VA

Designed for discerning homeowners, lift and slide doors are the king of patio entrances. They often include three or more extra-wide panels that slide wide open to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces. Even when closed, these custom doors provide a fantastic, panoramic view. If you’re looking for a show-stopping way to seamlessly connect your home with the backyard, lift and slide doors could be the right fit.

Looking for Lift and Slide Doors in MD, DC, or VA?

Lift and slide door systems allow you to create uninterrupted spaces and create panoramic views that are simply breathtaking. Quality Window & Door carries lift and slide door systems from several manufacturers, including Panda and Parrett. Our non-proprietary supply gives us the ultimate flexibility to help you select the best product for your project. The Panda Lift & Slide Door System, for example, is custom-made to order in the United States. This lift and slide system is specifically designed for the high-end luxury market, and it has been engineered to be the pinnacle of sliding door technology.

Today, you’ll see lift & slide doors in high-end homes, restaurants, and other businesses throughout the Baltimore-Washington area — from Annapolis to Bethesda, Alexandria to Great Falls, and everywhere in between!

Benefits of Lift & Slide Doors

You have many patio door options to choose from today, but lift and slide doors could be what you’re looking for if you want to enjoy benefits, including:

High-End Look

Lift and slide doors are specifically designed for the high-end luxury market. If you want to create that “wow” factor, this is definitely a product worth considering. After all, not only is a quality lift and slide door beautiful to look at, but it also opens up an expansive view of the scenery outside for you to enjoy.


If you often host parties and events at your home, you want to utilize the outdoor space when the weather is nice. The huge, unobstructed opening created by lift and slide doors accommodates large gatherings flawlessly. Transport tables and chairs outside with ease and keep traffic flowing in and out with a large opening to walk through. It’s just another way to blur the line between your indoor space and the outdoors.


Quality lift and slide doors are designed to withstand the elements. They’re made of extruded aluminum and feature durable hardware and tracks to remain functional even after several years of use. Expect your investment to last thanks to exceptional materials and design features.

Availability Without High-Pressure Sales Tactics

You’ll see lift and slide doors in custom homes, restaurants, and other properties from Annapolis and Bethesda to Alexandria and Great Falls. You can have this high-end look in your own home with the help of Quality Window & Door. Our non-proprietary supply means we can focus on helping you find the best match for your home, not pressuring you into making a purchase.

Lift and Slide Doors from Weather Shield

At Quality Window & Door, we strive to provide our customers with quality, versatile options to fit their needs. That’s why we’re proud to offer lift and slide doors from Weather Shield.

This manufacturer has an excellent selection of lift and slide patio doors available in several configurations. Choose a classic two-panel picture sliding door, or take your upgrade up a notch with three- and four-panel varieties. All lift and slide doors from Weather Shield are available with matching sidelights and transoms for more natural light and outdoor views.

Once you pick out a configuration, it’s up to you to customize your lift and slide door with the finish, glazing, grill, hardware, trim, and screen you want. Such customization allows you to pick the perfect upgrade for your home. Then, count on Quality Window & Door to perform a professional installation for maximum performance and energy efficiency.

Install a Lift & Slide Door Today

While many window and door contractors in Northern Virginia only sell their own brand and employ high-pressure sales tactics to win you over, Quality Window & Door is different. We partner with the industry’s best manufacturers and strive to educate our customers rather than engage in hard selling. This helps you make an informed decision to ensure your complete satisfaction today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Call our office today or visit one of our local showrooms to see why we’re the best source for quality, high-performance windows and doors. Call us at 1-800-370-8751!

FAQs About Lift and Slide Door

What are lift and slide doors?

Lift and slide doors are patio entry doors that slide, rather than swing, to open. Because they have extra-wide panels, lift and slide doors provide a larger view of the outdoors and create more of a connection between indoor and outdoor living areas. The design is also stronger than traditional sliding doors, which means these doors can have thicker glass that provides greater insulating abilities.

How are lift and slide doors different from in-line sliding doors?

Lift and slide doors have a new operation method to increase their energy efficiency. These doors sit directly on the track rather than sitting on rollers like traditional sliding doors. When you want to open the door, turning the handle will lift it onto the rollers to roll it into the open position. When open, these doors can be fully sealed in that position, so they aren’t accidentally closed. This overall design makes them stronger and allows for larger window designs than traditional in-line sliding doors, which is why they are becoming the door of choice for luxury homes with large patio door openings.

What are some benefits of lift and slide doors?

Lift and slide doors offer several benefits. First, they can be locked in the open position when you want ventilation, so no one will accidentally close the door. These doors are also stronger than traditional sliding doors, so they can handle heavier door designs and thicker glass. Their unique design means they can fit large openings that are not ideal for in-line sliding doors. Finally, even if they are heavy, they have advanced running gears, which means they are easy to open.

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