Double Hung Windows in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington, DC

Thinking about replacing your vinyl, wood, or aluminum windows? No matter what material you use, double hung windows are a great option for any residential or commercial space.

Double Hung Window Features

With so many window styles to choose from, the differences between them all can be confusing. Double hung windows have the following features:

  • Upper and lower sashes—Double hung windows have two parts to slide up and down.
  • Removable sashes—You can remove the sashes to let fresh air in and to make cleaning a breeze.
  • Spring balances—Most double hung windows in Maryland use springs to support the sashes during opening and closing.
  • Shutters—While you might not see this today, originally double hung windows were paired with shutters.

Advantages of Double Hung Windows in Maryland

  • Easier Cleaning—Because you can remove the sashes, double hung windows are much easier to clean. With double hung windows, you’ll have no excuse to clean both the inside and outside of your window. This can be especially important to Maryland homeowners, as the weather and humidity in this area can create dirt, mold, and other buildup on the exterior of your windows.
  • Better Safety—Do you hesitate to open the windows around your small children or pets? With double hung windows, you can enjoy the cool summer breezes and keep your loved ones safe—just open the top sash instead of the bottom!
  • Improved Curb Appeal—Whether you’re going for a traditional look or something more modern, double hung windows can fit a variety of home décors.

Still not sure if double hung windows are your best bet? If you’re looking for double hung windows in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC give us a call!  We carry double hung windows in a variety of materials from some of the top manufacturers.

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