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Centor-logoWhether you’re building a new home or looking to replace your old doors with a modern, beautiful product, you’ve come to the right place! Custom integrated doors from Centor are not only stunning but also durable and help you achieve the inside-outside living with doors that bring in light, air, and beautiful views.

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About the Brand

Below, we’ve provided a summary of Centor’s collection of integrated doors, but if you have any questions about the best products for your home or next project, give our experienced and knowledgeable staff a call at 1-800-370-8751!

Manufacturer: Centor

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Manufactured in: United States of America

Founded: 1951

From the Brand: “Throughout the decades, Centor forged a reputation for designing and manufacturing the industry’s leading window and door systems. In 1998, Centor designed and patented hardware for the modern folding door that enabled them to be used as exterior openings. These doors, for the first time, allowed architects to design homes which could connect people to the world outside.”

Quality Window & Door is a leading dealer of Centor products in the DC metropolitan area.

Centor Door Products

Centor offers a wide range of options for the perfect custom door for your home. Doors from Centor are completely customizable in terms of door type, screen, shade material, and interior and exterior finishes.  Available door types include:

  • Folding doors
  • Double swing doors
  • Single doors
  • Sliding doors

Door shades are available in three patterns (Boston, Tuscany, and Sydney) and come in a wide range of colors. Screens are also available in a standard or tight mesh. For finishes, you can choose from Mahogany, Fir, Adler, Cherry, or Primed wood for the interior and aluminum on the exterior, available in:

  • Bone white
  • Arctic white
  • Burnt sun
  • Beige
  • Slate grey
  • Sage brown
  • Colonial red
  • Hartford green
  • Quaker bronze
  • Black

Centor Door Installation in DC, MD & VA

No matter what type of doors you want for your home in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia, Centor offers what you need—and Quality Window & Door can provide high quality, professional installation! If you want to learn more about their innovative line of custom doors, or if you’re interested in Centor products for your home, contact Quality Window & Door today at 1-800-370-8751!

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