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Wood Window Comparsion

Shopping for windows can be a hassle, particularly if you’re on the market for wood windows. Today, there are about 10 legitimate wood window and door manufacturers still serving the Northeast United States. As a potential buyer in this area, choosing the right wood windows always presents a challenge. This handy guide and tutorial should help you to better understand the choices and how best to select wisely!

The basic principals are what we employ in our “comparison wall of windows” located in each of our Maryland and Virginia showrooms. We regularly invite consumers, builders and architects to our showroom to better educate themselves on the differences between the types of wood windows and help them choose the product that best fits both their budget and their needs.

The process always starts with this basic statement: “There are eight brands of windows on the wall. The top units are casement windows and the bottom units are double hung windows. They all will keep the water out, and they all will function and perform similarly if properly installed.” Most clients are surprised by this statement but it is true nonetheless! Once the sticker comes off the window, even an expert can’t tell you whose window it is from 20 feet away. So, how do we choose?

Comparing & Choosing Wood Windows

Well, let’s start with understanding the basic warranty. All manufacturers offer a warranty, and some are quite lengthy and specific. All are written to protect the manufacturer and sold to protect the consumer. When you read the fine print of EVERY warranty, you will soon discover:

  1. Most manufacturers’ warranty covers their product for parts and labor one or two years.
  2. Only in some cases is this warranty transferable.
  3. Beyond the one or two-year warranty period, the warranty extends only to glass, paint and hardware.
  4. All warranty claims do NOT cover labor to remove or refinish (after one or two year period).
  5. Seal failed glass warranties vary in length (10-30 years) but typically only provide glass. Labor to remove and replace is not covered. Refinishing is also not covered.
  6. Most wood-clad windows have an anticipated 20-year life expectancy.
  7. All wood windows (clad or not) require annual inspections to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Benefits Local Wood Window Suppliers Offer

In summary, a warranty should be understood to provide basic coverage for product-related failures in the first two years of ownership. Beyond that, the warranty extends to the cost of seal failed glass, defective paint on cladding and casement operator failure.

All other related failures are not covered unless they are catastrophic. Seek a local wood window supplier who has a commitment to in-house service and warranty execution to ensure prompt and courteous representation for future claims. Recognize failure to support local companies with a commitment to back-end service will ultimately result in those services going away. When these services are needed and not available locally, they become a major headache – not to mention extremely costly! It is kind of like the little Hardware Store. They have all the specialty knowledge and items, along with local knowledge, not available at the big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Supporting companies that stand behind what they sell and offer expertise just makes sense and are ultimately better for the consumer.

At Quality Window & Door, we offer a wide variety of high quality wood windows from top manufacturers, including:

  • Weather Shield
  • Milgard
  • Parrett
  • Panda
  • And more

Contact our wood window installers in Maryland today to learn more about our services and for assistance choosing the best wood windows for your home in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area!

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