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Best Windows for a Modern House

Choosing replacement windows based on your home’s architectural style ensures that the upgrade adds to the overall aesthetic rather than detracting from it. If you live in a modern home, you can find beautiful, functional, energy-efficient windows to match. Here’s what to look for in the best windows for a modern house.

Characteristics of a Modern Window

Windows designed for contemporary homes share many fundamental characteristics. Here are some features to look for in modern windows:

  • Floor-to-ceiling glass: Expansive window openings allow maximum light to enter and grant the best views of the exterior. These features are the norm in modern homes.
  • Narrow frames: Advanced materials and technology allow modern window frames to be incredibly thin. This allows the glass to take center stage, providing ample natural light and excellent views.
  • Aluminum frames: Metal windows are particularly appropriate in industrial-modern homes built in an urban setting. The high strength-to-weight ratio also allows aluminum frames to achieve the slim profile desired in modern buildings.
  • Sleek hardware: From polished chrome to brushed satin nickel to oil-rubbed bronze, you can find modern hardware that matches the other finishes in your home.
  • No grid patterns: Most contemporary windows lack details on the glass panes to provide a clean, streamlined look.

Most Popular Window Styles for a Modern House

With an idea of what characteristics make a window modern, you’re ready to consider specific operating styles. Here are a few suitable options that may fit your needs:

  • Sliding windows and moving glass walls: Sliding glass is crisp and clean, making it ideal for modern homes. When you have floor-to-ceiling windows that slide open, with one stacking on top of the next, this is known as a telescoping patio door. Optional hidden pockets in the wall allow the glass to slide out of sight, creating a seamless opening to the outside.
  • Casement windows and awning windows: These are two window styles that crank or push outward with hinges located on one side or the top of the frame. This provides greater ventilation control and allows for a flawless, uninterrupted view of the exterior.
  • Bi-fold doors and windows: A stylish addition to any modern home, bi-fold windows and doors help your home expand dramatically into the adjoining outdoor space.
  • Corner windows: Add drama to your modern home—not to mention fantastic views—with windows that wrap around a corner of the room. A narrow mullion design provides the most dramatic effect with the least amount of distraction.
  • Specialty shape windows: Modern homes often have unique rooflines and other architectural elements. To accentuate this, consider installing specialty shape windows, including triangles, trapezoids, squares, half-circles, and more.
  • Sidelites and transom windows: These windows go above and beside sliders, casements, and other window styles to provide more natural light and architectural interest. They are often used to achieve floor-to-ceiling height at a lower cost than installing a single giant window.

Install Modern Windows in DC, MD & VA

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