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Window Trends: Transom Windows

Are you building a new home in the Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia area? Perhaps you’re thinking about replacing the windows in your existing home. Either way, you may want to accent whatever primary windows you choose with transom windows. These come in many varieties and complement a broad range of home styles, from traditional to contemporary. Learn more about transom windows to find out if they’re right for your home!

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What Are Transom Windows?

If you’ve been following window trends, you’ve probably heard the word “transom” thrown around. This term describes any window that serves as an accent above a main window or door. Sometimes, the transom is paired with one or more sidelites, which are thin vertical windows installed to the left or right of a door.

You can pair transoms with any window operating style – double-hung, casement, sliding, or any other type you prefer. They also go well with both interior and exterior doors, whether hinged, sliding, or accordion style.

Types of Transom Windows

Transoms come in many shapes and varieties to create different looks and match different styles. They first cropped up as a traditional part of Georgian style architecture in the 19th century, though they can be seen in just about every style of home today.

The most basic type of transom is a horizontal rectangle that extends the length of the window(s) or door(s) it’s installed above. Half-circle and elliptical transoms are also popular. They can go above a single operating window or span multiple windows. Custom asymmetrical transoms are also an option to align with a sloping roof.

Leaded, stained, and etched glass are all design options available with transom windows of all shapes and sizes. This lends a Craftsman or art deco look to the window. Ventilating transoms are also available, which open outward in the style of an awning or hopper window to allow for ventilation.

Benefits of Transom Windows

If you’re thinking about installing transom windows as unique accents in your home, consider all the benefits that come with this addition:

  • Beauty: The primary reason to add transom windows is to enjoy this enhanced architectural detail. Transoms with leaded, stained, or etched glass are especially decorative. Indeed, aesthetics are often the only reason to include this type of window in your home.
  • More natural light: One of the major purposes of any window is to let natural light shine in. While you probably cover your main windows with blinds and curtains for privacy, transom windows, which are located above your sight line, are traditionally left uncovered. This allows more natural light to illuminate your home without compromising privacy. Many designers even install transom windows above interior doors to help natural light reach the core of the building.
  • Ventilation: When you want a primary window or door closed, you can still enjoy ventilation if you install a transom capable of opening and closing. This allows for an extra bit of airflow to help cut down your energy bills.

Install Transom Windows in MD, DC & VA

At Quality Window & Door, we have a wide selection of transom windows from some of today’s leading manufacturers, including Weather Shield, Milgard, Norwood, and Parrett. Each of these brands is sure to deliver the look and functionality you want from your new transoms.

To see transom windows in action, stop by one of our local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia. We’ll answer all your questions and provide unbiased advice during your visit. You can also contact us online to learn more!

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