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Window Trends for 2017

It’s a new year, which means you’re thinking about the personal improvements you should make. But what about home improvements? 2017 could be a good year to replace your windows if you’re hoping to save energy, let in a little more light, and improve your home’s appearance inside and out. To make sure the upgrade keeps up with the times, learn about the latest window trends for 2017 and implement the ones that make the most sense in your home.

Convert Windows into French Doors

If you’re thinking of replacing an outdated window, consider converting it into French or sliding glass doors. This change is especially beneficial if the window overlooks a patio or deck from the master bedroom. Having your own private access to the yard can be incredibly convenient. Plus, adding French doors will undoubtedly increase home value.

Forget Boring White Windows

Vinyl is an ever-popular window choice because it’s affordable and energy efficient. However, you usually can’t paint vinyl windows without voiding the warranty. Instead of playing it safe with eggshell or ivory windows, why not make a bold choice this year? Colors ranging from umber to forest green to brick red will help your home stand out. Just remember to make a choice you can live with for a long time since painting isn’t an option.

Install a Window Wall

Want a panoramic view of the exterior? Converting an entire wall into glass panels is the perfect solution. Nothing is more effective at modernizing your home than wall-to-wall windows, and the refined architectural aesthetic could definitely increase home value.

For maximum functionality, consider installing a lift & slide door instead of just windows. The high-end look is impressive, even when the door is closed, and it’s the perfect way to connect the indoor and outdoor living areas.

Put in a Unique Accent Window

Everyone is familiar with standard windows, so why not help your home stand out by installing a unique accent window?

  • Geometric picture windows are perfect for letting in a little natural light at the top of a landing or accentuating the distinct architectural features of a room.
  • Bay and bow windows offer a wider view of the exterior and present the perfect opportunity to install a window bench for reading.
  • With a garden window above the kitchen sink, you can set herbs and other potted plants on the leg for living décor and usefulness when flavoring your favorite dishes.

Stay on Top of the Latest Energy Advancements

As high energy costs and hopes for a cleaner environment continue in the new year, you probably want replacement windows that offer the latest features for high-efficiency performance. The best way to tell if a window is efficient is to look for the Energy Star label. These windows boast multiple panes of glass, warm edge spacers, a gas infill, low-E coating, and efficient frame material. Look for these qualities when upgrading your windows for a future-proof investment that pays for itself in energy savings.

Let Quality Window & Door Help You Keep Up with Window Trends

With access to unique, high-efficiency windows and doors from many of today’s top manufacturers, Quality Window & Door can help you choose products that will carry you into 2017 and beyond. Our selection is among the best in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia metropolitan area. Plus, we can perform a professional installation to ensure you get the most from your investment.

For help choosing trendy windows for your home, please contact Quality Window & Door or visit one of our Maryland or Virginia showrooms to see high-end windows and doors in person.

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