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Window Trends for 2015

Looking to stay with the trends when it comes to your home’s décor and aesthetics? Your windows are an integral part of your home’s design and feel. At Quality Window & Door, we’ve been in the window replacement and installation business since 1989 and we’ve collected the top window and window treatment trends for 2015.

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Natural, Bright Light

Take down those valences and heavy curtains and let your windows speak for themselves—minimal window treatment that allows for bright, natural light can easily transform homes to look more spacious, warm, and inviting. If you’re looking to expand the natural light that comes into your home, consider bay, bow, and transom windows.

Quality Window & Door is a dealer of many leading window manufacturers, including Weather Shield. Weather Shield offers bay windows, bow windows, and transom windows made in a variety of energy efficient materials that can increase the amount of light coming into your home and improve the openness of your living, bedroom, or kitchen space.

Energy Efficiency

While this trend seems to have topped the charts year after year for a variety of home products and fixtures, energy efficiency is still at the top of mind for many homeowners. New, replacement windows are even more energy efficient than windows made five to 10 years ago. A window’s energy efficiency is measured in its U-value (which is its resistance to heat flow). The main factors of a windows energy efficiency are the material it’s made out of (fiberglass windows top the charts) and the manufacturer (top-end manufacturers strive to constantly push the limits and increase energy efficiency). The more energy efficiency your windows are, the less you’ll be wasting on energy loss (for example, from escaping heat during the winter).

Statement Décor & Design

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala—a deep burgundy. While this trend won’t necessary impact the windows in your home, you can incorporate it into the design of your room, highlighting Marsala toned vases, pillows, paintings, and other accents where the light from your windows hits them best.

pantone color of the year 2015

If you want to dedicate you home’s aesthetics to Marsala, you can have your windows painted a similar color. For example, fiberglass windows from Weather Shield come in a variety of finishes, including Brick Red, Boysenberry, Sundried Tomato, Firebrick, and more!

Special Window Shapes

Want to increase the curb appeal of your home or creating a statement piece in a room without actually putting anything in the room? Consider special shape windows. Custom, special shaped windows can stand out in any more style and design. Special shape replacement windows (including half circles, arches, ovals, circle, trapezoids, triangles, etc.) can do just the trick to adding a unique touch to your home, while at the same time increasing its value. Weather Shield offers a wide variety of special shape windows, custom made to fit your home and personality.

Window Replacement in Maryland

Whether you want to stay up with the current trends, or you just want to keep your home up to date, Quality Window & Door is here. We can replace the windows in your home with high-quality windows, including those from Weather Shield.

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