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Window Energy Efficiency

Are you in the market for new energy-efficient windows? You probably want the best replacement windows available – but do you know exactly what makes a window energy-efficient? There are a number of different things that determine window energy efficiency.

Factors that influence window energy efficiency include the:

  • Style or type of window (picture, casement, awning, etc.)
  • Window material (wood, vinyl, etc.)
  • Type of glass
  • Location of the window
  • Manufacturer
  • Government regulations

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What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

To go into a little more detail, an “energy-efficient window” has:

A high-quality frame – certain materials help insulate better

Low-E glass – the special coating on this type of glass helps keep heat inside your house in the winter and outside in the summer

Multiple panes – two panes insulate better than one (especially with gas-filled space in between them), and three-pane windows are even more energy-efficient and offer more sound control

Window Energy Efficiency: ENERGY STAR

Many replacement windows are ENERGY STAR rated (just look for the blue label!), but what exactly does this mean? How does a product get an ENERGY STAR label? In accordance with EPA requirements, ENERGY STAR replacement windows (and other products):

  • Contribute “significant energy savings nationwide”
  • Must meet consumer demands and deliver higher energy efficiency
  • Can be measured and verified with testing, in terms of performance and energy consumption
  • Are effectively distinct from other products and clearly “visible” for buyers
  • Can be offered by multiple manufacturers and dealers

Plus, if these products cost more than conventional products that are less energy-efficient, consumers should be able to recover the cost through utility bill savings, within a “reasonable” time period.

The ENERGY STAR label was initially created to accomplish two things:

  • Make it simple for consumers to buy energy-efficient products that offer great savings but are just as convenient and reliable as conventional products
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants caused by inefficient energy use

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows in MD, DC, & VA

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