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How to Select Door Hardware for Your Home

When you move into a new home, you may want to purchase new hardware for your doors. The knobs, locks, and hinges you choose affect the door’s security, functionality, and aesthetics. Use this guide from Quality Window & Door, the DC, MD, and VA door experts, to help you select correct door hardware for your home.

Doorknob Style

  • Round knob: This standard doorknob style can be found anywhere in the home, from the front entry door to the swinging patio door to the interior doors. The biggest benefit of a round knob is that you can easily childproof it to prevent toddlers from opening the door.
  • Lever handle: If you have arthritis or are wheelchair-bound, a lever handle is ideal. This is much easier to open without any grabbing, pinching, or twisting required. You can even press down with your elbow to open the door when your arms are full.
  • Handle set: This combination thumb latch/handle is used on front entry doors. It sometimes features a handle set on the exterior and a round knob on the interior.


  • Passage lockset: Doorknobs for public areas, such as closets and hallways, often have no lock. The knob turns freely from both sides at all times.
  • Privacy lockset: Bathroom and bedroom doors often feature privacy locks, where the knob is lockable from inside the room via a turn or push button. A small hole on the other side allows for the use of a universal emergency key to open the door if necessary.
  • Keyed entry lockset: This type of lockset can be locked on both sides and has interior and exterior uses. From one side, a turn or push button allows for locking and unlocking without a key. On the other side, a standard keyhole enables you to lock and unlock the door using a specific key.

Hinge Style

  • Residential/butt hinge: This is the most used hinge for interior and exterior doors. The rectangular portions of the hinge are installed on the door and the frame. When closed, the only visible part is the pin and the joints through which it’s inserted. The pin is removable to facilitate door replacement.
  • Ball bearing hinge: Appropriate for heavy doors, ball bearing hinges are permanently lubricated to allow for a smooth, easy door swing.
  • Spring hinge: Back doors and doors leading to the garage often have spring hinges, which close the door automatically.
  • Double action spring hinge: Kitchen and dining room doors are often fitted with these hinges to allow the door to swing in either direction for effortless two-way access.

Color and Finish

Your final consideration comes down purely to aesthetics. For continuity, it’s wise to have matching door hardware throughout your entire home, although knobs, locksets, and hinges can vary as needed. Popular options include yellowish brass, satin nickel or chrome, and polished chrome.

Door Replacement and Door Hardware in DC, MD & VA

Quality Window & Door supplies and installs doors for homes and businesses in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. As a non-proprietary distributor, we offer top-quality entry doors, patio doors, security doors, interior doors, and more from various door brands. Many manufacturers allow you to customize the hardware you want to ensure the purchase meets your needs.

Let us help you select the correct door hardware for your home. We can go over some of your options at one of our local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia. While you’re here, feel free to ask questions of our knowledgeable staff to ensure your complete confidence in the selection you make.

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