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Replacement Windows: Tips for Every Homeowner

Are you considering replacement windows in Bethesda, Montgomery County, or nearby areas in Maryland and Northern Virginia? Whether you’ve recently bought a house and want to complete renovations or you’ve lived in your house for 20+ years, there are several important things you need to know about window replacement. And if you’re completing window replacement in the Maryland, Virginia or Washington D.C area, then Quality Window & Door is the right company for you.

Argon vs. Krypton: Replacement Windows Need these Gases

Usually, there are one or two types of gases in between the panes of a replacement window: Argon or Krypton. These gases are essential when trying to insulate heat or cool air between the panes of a replacement window.

Note that not all windows employ these gases. Some replacement windows use no gas at all when insulating. It’s important to know whether your replacement windows work this way because this characteristic will determine future renovations and the future needs of your home.   Quality Window & Door provides a variety of windows with this feature and can assist you with this aspect of purchasing replacement windows.

Reflective Glass Coatings: Another Replacement Window Tip

In terms of insulation, argon and krypton aren’t the only measures you can take to ensure your window insulates properly. Reflective glass coatings are also one of the most effective methods to insulate.

Reflective glass coatings are important because they reflect direct sunlight and other forms of radiant heat. If you don’t have reflective glass coatings, over time the radiant heat may damage your window, which will in turn affect the window’s ability to insulate.

Remember that while windows only count for about 10 percent of your house, they often make up 40-50 percent of your heating costs. Proper insulation is one of the most important factors to consider when buying replacement windows.

Shipping and Installation: Avoid Replacement Window Mishaps

Our earlier tips discuss what kind of window you should invest in; this tip explains the logistics of buying replacement windows.

Quality Window & Door provides a variety of windows in many shapes, sizes, and styles. While we have many windows in stock, often windows need to be ordered specially. This process can sometimes take a week or two. With that said, it’s very important to not remove your old windows until your replacement windows have arrived. Sometimes, delivery and shipping dates run behind, and mistakes are made. You therefore shouldn’t remove your windows until your new replacement windows are in your home and ready to be installed. The last thing you want is to be windowless during rain, a storm, or inclement weather!

Purchasing replacement windows is never an easy task. Allow Quality Window & Door to assist you in this process so that you make the right decisions for your windows and your home. Contact us today with any questions about window replacement in Maryland, concerns, or even a free consultation!

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