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Popular Window Colors

Are you interested in installing replacement windows? While you might have the option of repainting your windows in the future, it’s easiest to pick an option with a color you like infused into the frame during the manufacturing process. This way, you’ll be satisfied with your selection for many years to come.

Be aware that vinyl windows are often limited in their color options, and painting vinyl windows usually voids the warranty. This means, if you’re interested in something other than white, cream, or tan, you’ll probably want to choose aluminum, wood, or fiberglass windows instead.

Not sure where to begin? Use this guide to popular window colors for inspiration.

Coordinating Colors

If you want a home exterior that looks sleek and streamlined, consider choosing a window hue that matches the surrounding siding, or at least coordinates with the color palette. For example, if you have a gray house, windows in a color a few notches lighter or darker create a clean, contemporary look.

Contrasting Colors

You can also contrast with the siding rather than blending in with it. This helps your beautiful replacement windows stand out so they’re more noticeable. An example of a striking contrast is to pair brick red windows with a medium taupe house. Dark blue windows also create a nice contrast with off-white or yellow siding.

Warm Colors

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of color combinations available to you, stick to one color palette. If your home’s siding is a warm color, this means you should choose another warm color for the windows. Do you have burnt orange siding? Try creamy yellow windows. Dark red siding? Opt for warm brown windows.

Cool Colors

The idea of sticking with the same color palette also applies if you have a cool color scheme going on. Is your siding olive green? Look into dark green or blue windows. Indigo siding? Try out light blue windows.

Neutral Colors

It’s often unwise to install windows in a bold color. Your replacement windows are a big investment, and as mentioned previously, repainting them may not be an option. Choosing a neutral color for your windows is a safe choice. Then, if you want to have fun with bold, experimental colors, do so with your siding and trim. Beige, sandstone, and charcoal gray are popular neutrals for window frames.

Colors that Harmonize with the Natural Environment

If you live in a dusty area, such as near a freeway or active construction site, dirt will inevitably settle on your window frames. Keep in mind that gray and taupe camouflage dirt effectively, while very light and very dark colors show the most dust buildup. If you’re concerned about the effects of direct sunlight heating up your home, consider lighter colors that reflect the heat. These also won’t fade in the sun over time the way dark colors can.

Let Quality Window & Door Help You Choose Replacement Windows

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