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Popular Door Colors

Looking to give your front or back patio a facelift? Replacing your entry door or patio door with one in a new style and color is a great way to make a statement. Now, to pick a color!

If you opt for a new extruded aluminum door from Weather Shield’s Contemporary Collection, you have over 50 anodized and designer colors to choose from, so there’s no shortage of options to showcase your style. Here are just a few popular door colors that might catch your eye.

Basic Copper

Modern homes—with their clean lines and metal accents—call for a punch of color in an unexpected place, such as an exterior door. A metallic orange could be the perfect shade, especially if the rest of the patio area is a muted gray, brown, or cream.

Light Bronze

If you like the look of bamboo in your modern home, an exterior door in Light Bronze allows you to mimic the look without the maintenance that comes from having a solid wood door. This finish looks best with streamlined fixtures and light-colored siding.


It might seem a bit dark, but once you see a glossy black exterior door on a modern home, you’ll realize just how elegant it is. As you might imagine, black contrasts white beautifully. It also pairs well with brick and light gray siding.

Sundried Tomato

This luscious, dark crimson is a wonderful hue for complementing creamy stucco or similarly colored red brick. Consider painting window shutters the same color to create continuity throughout the exterior of your home.

Sunbeam Yellow

It’s hard not to smile when you approach a happy yellow door. Help you and your guests enter your home feeling a little lighter with this popular door color. It pairs well with charcoal gray and dark blue siding.

Woodland Green

An earthy green could be the perfect color for an exterior door if you’re looking to get a little closer to nature. This shade complements any greenery you place your patio and brings a bit of mild green into your world, even in the winter.


This energetic bluish-green shade continues to be a popular accent color in modern homes. If you have teal on the inside, why not take a little of it to the exterior? Oceanside tends to pair well with white, gray, and yellow siding.


An indigo-colored exterior door is a unique option to help your home stand out. This shade harmonizes well with copper, brass, chrome fixtures. It really pops if you have light-colored siding or white trim.

Olympus White

The grayish-white hue of Olympus White is beautiful in traditional and modern homes alike. This conservative color creates the contrast you’re looking for if your siding is a darker shade.

Choose a Quality Replacement Door for Your MD, DC, or VA Home

Quality Window & Door has dozens of replacement exterior door options from several of today’s best manufacturers. All of the colors suggested above are available when you choose a replacement patio door from Weather Shield’s Contemporary Collection. We’ll help you pinpoint the perfect color to enhance the appearance of your home.

To see exterior doors in some of today’s most popular colors, be sure to visit one of our local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Feel free to ask our staff for personalized tips as you strive to select the right replacement door to go with your home’s color and style.

If you’re ready to get started, please contact Quality Window & Door to request a free in-home consultation and door installation estimate.

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