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New Window & Door Products for 2016

Are you thinking about making some home improvements this year? New windows may rank high on the to-do list if you’re tired of your leaky, ugly, hard-to-operate windows. Check out some of the hottest new window products on the market for 2016 to help guide your upgrade.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Manufacturers are always pushing the limits. Today, a growing number of windows meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® qualifications. The exact criteria varies depending on the region, but all ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors and skylights are independently tested and certified against the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Department of Energy.

new windows for remodel

High-efficiency windows share many of the same attributes:

  • They’re constructed from high-quality frame materials.
  • They have two or three panes of glass, often filled with non-toxic krypton or argon gas to increase their insulating efficiency.
  • They feature low-e coatings to reflect infrared light, keeping heat inside during winter and out during summer.
  • They come with warm edge spacers to keep the panes at precisely the right distance apart and insulate the edges of the window.

To take advantage of the highest efficiency windows possible, just look for the ENERGY STAR label.

Contemporary Design

If your home has a contemporary look to it, the Weather Shield Contemporary Collection could feature exactly the style of windows you’re looking for. Contemporary design is all about minimal hardware, sharp geometric shapes and lots of glass. The Contemporary Collection accomplishes all this and more with large casement and awning windows, 90-degree corner windows, and specialty shapes to meet your precise aesthetic desires.

contemporary collection weather shield

The Contemporary Collection also features modern-looking hinged, sliding and bi-fold patio doors. Make everything match by upgrading all your windows and exterior doors with products from this high-quality collection.

Integrated Doors

They may be doors, not windows, but since a major function of Centor integrated doors is to link the indoors with the outside, they feature large panes of glass. In fact, thanks to hidden hardware and a streamlined design, integrated doors look just like floor-length windows when shut.

Centor expandable doors are taking the market by storm. Their versatility and functionality make them desirable to any homeowner considering a custom window and door installation. The biggest draw is their ability to swing, slide or fold open wide, connecting the interior and exterior in a way no ordinary window or door can. At the same time, integrated screens slide out from the wall to cover the windows for darkness and privacy when needed. There’s no better way to add beautiful craftsmanship and functionality to your home than with Centor.

Coastal Windows

Not everything in 2016 is about looking ultra-modern. The Weather Shield Premium Coastal collection features traditional detailing in classic window styles such as double hung and casement.

The classic look is combined with modern performance, the goal being to protect your home from salty sea air and violent weather associated with living near the coast, all with minimal site lines to enhance any coastal view. If the seashore isn’t far from your home, coastal windows are definitely a recommended upgrade for your home in 2016.

If you’re interested in any of these new window products on the market for 2016, please contact Quality Window & Door today for a free estimate.

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