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Are Fiberglass Windows Energy Efficient?

When you look for replacement windows, what characteristics are most important to you? You undoubtedly want something beautiful, durable and low maintenance. What about energy efficienct? This factor should rank high on your list because it has the ability to lower your energy bills, make your home more comfortable, and even protect your furnishings from fading.

While all Weather Shield windows incorporate features that improve energy efficiency, EnduraShield fiberglass windows are among the best you can choose for energy efficiency. Consider what features make fiberglass windows some of the most efficient on the market. Learn more about fiberglass windows below or contact us today for window replacement in Maryland!

fiberglass windows weather shield maryland


Unlike other window materials, fiberglass has virtually zero thermal expansion and contraction. In fact, the rate at which fiberglass expands and contracts is almost the same as glass, meaning it makes the perfect window frame material. Low expansion and contraction is vital to maintain a tighter seal against the elements and prevent air leaks. Fiberglass ensures a true fit that lasts for decades.


Especially when compared to wood, fiberglass windows are a much more durable option. The material is resistant to harsh weather, including the beating sun, pounding hail, high humidity, dry conditions, gale-force winds and anything else Mother Nature can whip up. Fiberglass is praised for its durability under pressure and will never rust, rot, crack, warp, split or dent. This means it will never stop acting as an airtight seal against the elements.

Thermal Superiority

Fiberglass itself has low thermal conductivity. This means it acts as a natural insulator, greatly slowing the transfer of heat in and out of your home. Plus, fiberglass is often hollowed out and filled with foam insulation to further increase its insulating capabilities.

Advanced Technology

Window frames are a very important factor in blocking heat transfer and preventing air leaks, but the glass also plays a big role in determining a window’s energy efficiency. EnduraShield fiberglass windows are outfitted with some of today’s most advanced technologies. These include:

  • Multiple panes: With two or three panes of glass separated by a one-fourth-inch gap, you have a window with a superior ability to insulate your home.
  • Gas fills:Invisible, non-toxic gases such as argon and krypton slow heat transfer. By filling the gaps between window panes with these gases, the window’s insulating ability grows.
  • Warm edge spacers:This important feature keeps window panes the proper distance apart and adds insulation to the window’s edge, reducing heat transfer.
  • Low-e glass:Special low-emissivity (or low-e) window coatings reflect infrared light to keep heat out during the summer and in during the window. Low-e coatings also reflect UV rays to help protect your carpet, furniture and wallpaper from fading.

While the high energy efficiency of fiberglass windows is impressive, you can only expect to enjoy these benefits to the fullest with professional installation. That’s why, if you’re seeking a window replacement in your Maryland home, you should contact us for a free consultation. We are a proud Weather Shield dealer and are ready to professionally install your new windows.

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