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Cleaning and Caring for Your Home’s Windows

Windows are an important but often overlooked feature of your home. Whether you recently installed replacement windows or you want to help your older windows last as long as possible, this cleaning and care guide will help. Follow these tips to make your windows look beautiful and function as intended for years to come.

Clean Your Window Glass

The most basic window care suggestion is to clean the glass. Here’s how:

  • Spray a generous amount of store-bought glass cleaner (or a solution of 10 percent vinegar and 90 percent water) onto the glass. Never use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals, or you might etch the glass. Wipe clean with a lint-free cloth, paper towel, or squeegee.
  • To remove dried paint, caulk, or sealant from window glass, apply a small amount of denatured alcohol or warmed vinegar to a clean, dry cloth. Scrub the surface and, if necessary, gently scrape with a single-edge razor blade.
  • To remove crayon marks or adhesive, apply glass cooktop cleaner to a clean, wet cloth and scrub gently to remove the unwanted markings.

Follow Guidelines for Day-to-Day Use

To help your windows operate smoothly, heed this advice:

  • Open and close windows gently; extreme force should never be necessary.
  • Only operate awning and casement windows from the inside using the attached operator handle.
  • Apply even pressure to both sides of a single- or double-hung sash when opening and closing the window, or apply pressure directly in the center of the sash.
  • Make sure the window is fully closed before attempting to latch it.
  • Never allow anyone to pull, swing, or lean on open sashes or casement window stabilizer arms.

Maintain Your Windows

Occasional maintenance helps your windows operate smoothly and create an airtight seal when closed. Here are the tasks you should perform once a year or as needed:

  • Wipe down the interior window frame with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Be sure to dry wood frames completely.
  • Vacuum the tracks on which the sash operates with the brush attachment to remove dirt, dust, cobwebs, and other debris.
  • Lubricate the tracks as needed with silicone spray, which doesn’t attract dust and dirt.
  • Clean the operating parts of awning and casement windows, including the crank gears, pivot pins, sash locks, and other moving components. Then, spray these areas with a penetrating lubricant, such as silicone or lithium spray. Be careful not to squirt weatherstripping with lithium spray as this could decrease its effectiveness.
  • Clean the exterior factory-finish with mild detergent and water. Rinse immediately with clean water and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Sand, paint or stain, and seal wood windows every few years.

Control Indoor Humidity

When condensation forms on the inside of a window pane, this means the indoor humidity level is too high. Moisture can drip down the glass and onto the windowsill, where it can cause rot or mold growth.

To control indoor humidity, run the exhaust vent when you shower or cook, ventilate the dryer to the exterior, and run a dehumidifier as needed. For a temporary solution, open a nearby window for a few minutes after showering or running a moisture-producing appliance, such as the dishwasher or washing machine.

Replace the Windows in your DC, MD, or VA Home

These cleaning and care tips help you get the most from your home’s windows, but when the time comes to replace them, turn to Quality Window & Door. We can help you choose the best materials and operating styles to meet your needs. We install beautiful replacement windows from many of today’s top window manufacturers, including Weather Shield, Infinity from Marvin, and many others, so you know you’ll be pleased with the final product.

For more window care tips, or to learn more about replacing your windows, please contact Quality Window & Door at 1-800-370-8751. We have installed and serviced windows in the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas since 1989.

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